Studio Sammut is a Sydney based graphic design studio specialising in visual identity design.

  • About

    Founder and creative director, Daniel Sammut, established Studio Sammut under the maxim; ideas: beautifully crafted. Studio Sammut creates meaningful and crafted design outcomes for a range of cultural and business clients.

    Studio Sammut tailors each project to the individual needs and unique identity of our clients and our diverse skill set can suit your needs in a variety of mediums, digital or physical. We understand that no two projects are the same and approach each new project with our minds first, we don't do flash-in-the-pan quick fixes; we do articulate and appropriate design outcomes.

  • Process

    The basis of any good design project is a firm understanding of the needs, objectives and parameters of the project and of our client. It's about asking the right questions to get the right answers to properly inform the brief. Before we even think about any sort of design, we start with the foundation of understanding through discussion and collaboration with our clients. From this discussion we then refine the uncovered information into achievable and clear objectives, goals and outcomes which forms the basis for all subsequent design work.

    Next is a process of exploration and idea generation; this involves experimentation of concepts and design applications. It takes the rational thought previously established and applies creative thinking and starts to visualise it into tangible graphic outcomes. After review with our client we take our nurtured creative developments and craft them into refined design outcomes, coming full circle with the objectives set out in the beginning of the project.